The Truth About Difficult Experiences

The Truth About Difficult Experiences
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I know there are times when life doesn’t feel fair.

Even if you try to the best of your ability to act with integrity and with pureness of heart, other people don’t always respond in kind.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had an experience that’s been difficult–or perhaps you’re going through a difficult experience right now.

Betrayal, loss, and pain are unfortunately a part of life.

But I want to empower you with this:

While you can’t control what others do, you can control what you do – how you act, how you respond.

Difficult Experiences Can be Character-Defining Opportunities

They can be opportunities to know and experience yourself as someone great.

Being kind to others when they’re kind to you is easy.

But being kind to others when they’re unkind to you is something different entirely.

When life brings you difficult circumstances, you can use these circumstances to define who you are in the face of them.

If someone is trying to hurt you, you can choose to be merciful.

If someone is trying to take something from you, you can choose not to retaliate.

If someone is trying to diminish your reputation, you can choose to forgive.

While others may be able to rob you of superficial things like status or money–

They cannot take away your character.

So choose your actions wisely,

And have grace for yourself in the process.

Acting with integrity isn’t always easy when life applies pressure and triggers you deeply.

It’s often messy, and it’s ok to feel all of the feelings.

But think before you act and speak.

Allow the emotions to move through you. Then, when you feel clear of mind, act.

Be kind. Be merciful. Be forgiving–

In spite of the difficult circumstances you’re in.

Difficult experiences will come and go, but I promise you, character will stay with you forever.

The way you acted in life’s difficult moments will stay with you.

They’ll allow you to truly know yourself as a loving person–

Not just when it’s easy.

Not just to people who deserve it.

But when it’s hard, and when others don’t deserve it, and when you have every reason to retaliate and seek revenge.

Use difficult experiences to define who you are, and to know yourself as someone great.

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