About Isabelle Tierney

Having earned two master’s degrees, a license in marriage and family therapy, and a certificate in energy healing, I maintained a thriving private practice for 25 years and built an international speaking platform. After struggling with life-depleting stress, I discovered a path to the peace, love, and joy that lives at the core of all of us and committed to teaching this path to people all over the world.

The sacred purpose of our work together is to help you reconnect to the deep sense of well-being that lives within you.

It all started with a piece of paper I never thought I’d be signing…

Feeling far away from my body, I scribbled my signature on a sterile piece of paper that ended a twenty-year marriage to the love of my life. “What had happened?”, I wondered. It wasn’t until a year later that I would have the answer to that question.

While I thought I had achieved every marker of success—a thriving therapy practice, three beautiful children, and a full social calendar—I realized that I had failed to make time for two of the most important people in my life, my husband and myself. Instead, I had given too much attention to my work, ending each day stressed out, depleted, and turning to food to cope.

I turned inward to my own experience and outward to scientific and spiritual wisdom to create what would become The Feel Good Life Methodology. My journey has inspired me to serve people who find themselves in a similar place—living a life that seems good-enough on the outside and yet knowing deep inside that there has to be a less stressful, more joyful way to live.

Today, I am happily reunited with my former husband and have found a healthy balance between my career, my relationships, and myself. I wake up feeling passionately curious and filled with energy to embrace the day ahead. I am deeply grateful that stress no longer runs my life. It is my honor to help you heal the root of your stress-based patterns and choose a life that feels truly good inside and out.



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