The Stress Less, Live Better Program
A 3-month, life-changing experience. Your step-by-step roadmap to sustainably change your habitual patterns and align every area of your life with your highest intentions and values.
Learn to use the Methodology on a daily basis—every area of your life will get better.
You’ll be supported on this life-changing journey every step of the way by Isabelle Tierney and a community you’ll fall in love with.
Learn from a  curriculum that is informed by neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality, and is backed by over 20 years of success.
Struggling to Change Your Habits?
Ever tried to stop reacting impulsively to your partner, reaching for junk food under stress, procrastinating on important tasks, or pouring too much wine after a long day, only to find yourself slipping into the same old habit anyway?

It’s a common frustration: you decide to change, plan meticulously, and yet, at the critical moment—the “choice point”—old patterns overpower your intentions.

The pain of this cycle is all too real. But you’re not alone in this struggle. Countless individuals find themselves trapped in the same loop of trying and failing to change their old behavioral patterns—causing them to feel frustrated, disappointed, and even hopeless.

But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle? What if you could finally overcome the habits that have held you back and create lasting change in your life?
What If You Could…
Break free from the cycle of old habits and cultivate new responses in the moment that support your well-being and personal growth
Gain control over your actions and choices, liberating yourself from the constraints of old patterns through real-time behavior changes
Experience greater levels of physical, emotional, and mental well-being as you align your actions with your values and goals
Embrace a life of joy and vitality, cultivating habits that nourish your body, mind, and soul, transforming habitual responses into intentional actions
Welcome To A new way of being
If you’re eager to embrace change, this program is crafted just for you.

Our Methodology is the key to changing your habits in real-time. When you’re about to revert to habitual responses—like snapping at your partner, stress-eating, delaying tasks, or reaching for another drink—you can apply our tools to pivot your actions immediately at the choice point.

Imagine approaching tense conversations with calm, choosing presence over scrolling, and opting for healthy snacks when stressed.

Our three-step, science-based Methodology empowers you to shift from reaction to thoughtful response, ensuring your actions reflect your deepest values.

Join us to transform your responses and live intentionally. Ready to start making choices that lead you to the life you really desire?
The Stress Less,
Live Better
You’re invited to embark on a journey of transformation. In this, 3-month online program, you’ll learn a life-changing Methodology that gives you the power to help you break free from the patterns that no longer serve you and cultivate lasting change in every area of your life.
Break Free From Hard-Wired Habits
Liberate yourself from the constraints of old habits as you learn how to identify triggers and disrupt automatic behaviors in-the-moment. With comprehensive tools, you’ll be able to break free from the cycle of trying and failing.
Built Healthier Habits
Cultivate new habits that align with your values and goals. With daily practice, you’ll rewire your brain to consistently choose new behaviors that support a life by design, not by default. As your brain changes, choosing new habits will become easier and easier and you will feel magnetized to healthier behaviors.
Live Life Consciously & Intentionally
Our program is built on a proven Methodology for habit transformation. By addressing the root causes of your habits and providing you with the tools you need to create lasting change, we empower you to take control of your actions and choices.
Transform Every Area of Your Life
From your health and well-being to your relationships, career, and personal finances, our program provides you with the tools and guidance you need to create positive change in every area of your life.
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“It helped me find peace, calm, and tranquility after the death of my father. Not to mention, the connections I’ve made here have impacted my life in such a positive way. I encourage everyone I know to take this course.”
— Sharon W.
“I have never felt more internally strong, clear, confident, peaceful, and powerful.”
“I see life through a completely new paradigm. I am deeply grateful to this work for helping me grow into the person I am today.”
— Rose K.
“This has had profound effects on my life.”
“My partner and I are at our highest point. My job is once again, a blessing. And life in general is brand new and full of hope. The way I feel is my greatest gift. I am so grateful for everything this is doing for my soul.”
— Jason M.
“This is a gift you must give yourself.”
“Imagine—a looking glass that shows you your divine nature. That helps you see who you really are and what is really possible. This work has been a catalyst for me seeing a truer version of myself. And from that comes healing, excitement, confidence, and deep feel good.”
— Allison H.
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The proven curriculum you’ll follow
Module 1
The Methodology follows the simple formula, awareness + action = transformation. In this module, we’ll focus on awareness. You’ll discover where you are currently and where you want to be.
2 Lessons
Module 2
In this module, we’ll focus on action. You’ll learn how to use the Methodology on a daily basis to get to where you want to be.
3 Lessons
Module 3
Learn how to use the Methodology to build habits that support your mental health.
2 Lessons
Module 4
Learn how to use the Methodology to build habits that support your emotional health.
2 Lessons
Module 5
Learn how to use the Methodology to build habits that support your physical health.
2 Lessons
Module 6
Learn how to use the Methodology to build habits that support your relationships.
2 Lessons
Module 7
Learn how to use the Methodology to build habits that support your personal finances.
2 Lessons
Module 8
Learn to overcome setbacks and obstacles that will inevitably arise. Celebrate how far you’ve come and get excited about what else is possible.
3 Lessons
The Methodology is for you if you’re ready to change any of these patterns
Prioritizing others’ needs and desires over your own, often at personal expense.
Drinking or using substances in excess, at the expense of your health.
Delaying tasks and responsibilities.
Consuming food beyond the point of fullness, often in response to emotional triggers.
Striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards.
Spending an excessive amount of time on work-related tasks at the expense of personal life and health.
Continually anticipating worst-case scenarios, leading to anxiety.
Engaging in critical inner dialogue that diminishes self-esteem and confidence.
Responding to situations with heightened emotions rather than responding calmly and rationally.
Making unplanned purchases that may lead to financial stress.


What you’ll get when you enroll
Step-by-step life-changing roadmap
Gain access to a comprehensive, step-by-step program that will meet you right where you’re at and guide you to a life that feels truly good. Each of the 8 modules teaches you the Methodology and how to apply it to every area of your life, including your health and self-care, relationships, and finances.
LIVE Weekly Calls
Immerse yourself in one LIVE “Community Call” with Isabelle Tierney and her Certified Facilitators each week (12 calls in total). Here, you’ll experience the Methodology in action during real-time facilitation with the community.
Sacred Sundays
Join one LIVE “Sacred Sunday Call” with Isabelle Tierney and her Certified Facilitators each week (12 calls in total). You’ll be plugged into a community of kindred spirits to connect, align, and balance you for the upcoming week.
Gain access to a library of uplifting meditations that you can play anytime, anywhere.
The Stress Less,
Live Better
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The complete 3-month program, featuring…
A note from Isabelle
I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited by what’s possible for you through this life-changing course. I’ve dedicated the past 20 years of my life to cultivating this offering and I continue to be humbled by its impact. I’m confident that it will give you the power to change your habitual patterns, no matter how long you may have struggled with them, and bring lasting transformation to every area of your life.