The Feel Good Life

Foundational Course

The Foundational Course is a 3-month online program that empowers you to choose to live in the high-frequency relaxation response instead of the low-frequency stress response.

are you ready to live life with greater


This life is possible when you attune to high frequencies.

In high frequencies, you enjoy abundant energy and mental clarity. Moment-to-moment, you make conscious choices that support the well-being of yourself and others.

The reason you can live this way is because you’re based in the relaxation response, where ease, joy, and energy thrive.

in the high-frequency relaxation response:

  • You remain calm, relaxed, and centered in spite of life's stresses
  • You have the capacity to respond, rather than react, to life’s triggers
  • You hold positive beliefs about yourself and the world
  • You are naturally inspired to take actions that respect and nourish your body
  • You have fulfilling relationships characterized by kindness, generosity, and trust
  • You are abundant with money and allow yourself to enjoy what it can provide
  • You radiate an uplifting energy that attracts positive circumstances to you
  • You feel a deep reverence for life, and everything and everyone in it

your arrival on this page


No—you’re here because you want to live a life you love but you can’t quite seem to get there.

is this you?

  • You feel tense, frustrated, and overwhelmed in the face of life's stresses
  • When you get triggered, you react by engaging in conflict or withdrawing
  • You hold negative, distorted beliefs about yourself and the world
  • You take actions that disrespect or harm your body
  • You have unfulfilling relationships characterized by conflict, competition, and mistrust
  • You are constantly worrying about money and don’t allow yourself to enjoy it
  • You keep attracting the same painful circumstances again and again
  • You want to love life... but life feels really difficult

If this is you, take a deep breath, because it’s not your fault.

You’re simply living in the low-frequency stress response, where anxiety, fear, and reactivity thrive.

The stress response is a survival mechanism that gets triggered when your body senses there’s danger. When you’re actually in danger, the stress response is extremely useful. It gets you to act quickly—to fight, flight, or freeze—so that you can survive.

But when you’re not in danger, and the stress response gets triggered by everyday events like deadlines at work or conflict at home…

…the stress response can do more harm than good.

It causes you to:

  • Act without thinking, which leads to poor decisions
  • Filter the world through a negative light, which leads to suffering
  • See others as “enemies,” which leads to disconnection

If you’re living in the stress response, the good news is, you don’t have to stay there. 

I’ve specifically created this program to help you live in the relaxation response instead.

The Foundational Course is a 3-month online program based on neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality that empowers you to choose to live in the high-frequency relaxation response instead of the low-frequency stress response. 

As a result of doing this work, you’ll be able to let go of painful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

Students who have done this work report that they have been able to make conscious changes that have improved their quality of life, including:

  • Exercising instead of drinking, binge-eating, or overspending
  • Thinking kind thoughts instead of criticizing
  • Connecting instead of engaging in conflict

That’s because this work teaches you how to stop operating from the stress response and start operating from the relaxation response, where ease, joy, and energy thrive.

a life-changing experience

“This has been a life-changing experience! It has helped me to be the person I want to be for my husband, my family, my employees, and my friends. Thank you so much Isabelle. I am a better person because of you.”

Katie McClusky

life is brand new & full of hope

“This work has had profound effects on my life. My partner and I are at our highest point. My job is once again, a blessing. And life in general is brand new and full of hope. The way I feel is my greatest gift. I am so grateful for everything this is doing for my soul.”

Jason McCourt

i have never felt more peaceful

“I have never felt more internally strong, clear, confident, peaceful and powerful than I do now. I see life through a completely new paradigm. I am deeply grateful to this work for helping me evolve into the being I am today.”

Rose Kirby



module 1

on your mark, get set, start your feel good life

Thoroughly assess what your life currently looks like and envision what it will look like in its highest form. Gain awareness of the specific areas of your life you’d like to improve. Resolve to focus your energy as efficiently as possible throughout this course so that you can enact the highest-leverage shifts.

module 2

the science behind feeling good

Discover how to shift from the low frequency stress response to the high-frequency relaxation response with The Feel Good Scale. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to recognize when you’re operating from fear and reactivity and know how to shift into love and choice.

module 3

the perfectly good reason why it's so hard to feel good

Identify your core beliefs and distinguish the beliefs that are serving you from those that are not. Learn how to transform disempowering beliefs into empowering ones that inspire positive thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

module 4

your feel good hack: embrace all emotions

Learn three of the reasons why we tend to avoid painful emotions. Uncover a toolset that will enable you to embrace painful emotions so that you can open, rather than close, to all of life. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to skillfully process and honor all of your emotions.

module 5

experience feeling good in your health

Learn how to create and sustain thriving health. Exchange depleting habits—like having “shoulds” about food and exercise and failing to make time for yourself—for energizing habits that promote well-being.

module 6

experience feeling good in your relationships

Dissolve emotional and psychological barriers to connection. Learn to navigate conflict in a way that facilitates connection. Improve your relationship with yourself so that you can create more fulfilling relationships with others.

module 7

experience feeling good with money

Learn how to shift from a scarcity-based relationship with money to an abundance-based one. Let go of painful habits like impulsivity, restrictiveness, and hoarding. Step into a sacred relationship with money where there is always enough and you are always provided for.

module 8

spread your wings

Reflect on the progress you’ve made and reinforce your highest vision for your life. Learn several essential strategies to help you to ensure that the concepts you’ve learned in this course last a lifetime.

a gift you must give yourself

“Imagine—a looking glass that shows you your divine nature. That helps you see who you really are and what is really possible. This work has been a catalyst for me seeing a truer version of myself. And from that comes healing, excitement, confidence, and deep feel good. This work is a gift you must give yourself.” 

Allison Crow

prepare to be wowed!

“Prepare to be wowed! Isabelle Tierney’s teachings are game changers. Both powerful and easy to implement, this work has enabled me to almost effortlessly process life’s triggers and difficult emotions. This is good stuff!”

Joanie Rahn Collins

this course will change your life

“This course is a life-changer! I’ve been able to find peace, calm and tranquility after the death of my father. Not only that, but the connections I have made here have impacted my life in such a positive way! I encourage everyone to do this work. It truly gives you the tools to live in heaven on earth!”

Sharon Stout-Wahl

what you'll receive


forever access to the foundational course membership site

As soon as you log in, you’ll gain instant access to all of the content. Best of all, your membership never expires, so you can revisit the course as often as you’d like.

8 modules with 12 video lessons

Each module is packed with content, from video lessons taught by me to helpful notes I’ve taken to help you retain all of the most important concepts. 

the foundational course manual

The 96-page course manual is your handbook for upleveling into the  relaxation response. Inside, you’ll find detailed instructions, applied exercises, and a workbook to complete as you go along.

private facebook community


This is where you’ll go deep with other participants. You might share more than you ever thought you would as you encounter belonging in this sacred, supportive community. 


“I don’t normally share my deepest feelings with strangers. But I felt comfortable and safe. I felt a strong sense of commonality and belonging. I knew that in whatever I was going through, I was not alone.”

Sharon Stout-Wahl

weekly group coaching calls


Twice a week in the Facebook community, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions via Facebook Live. Each 1-hour coaching session is held by a certified Feel Good Life Facilitator.

“I feel full from today's Facebook Live... I feel such connection, such gratitude, and such acceptance in this community today and every day.”

Jason McCourt

plus, you'll also receive these

7 guided meditations

These meditations will help you de-stress and feel good quickly. No meditation experience required! I’ll guide you the whole way.

"Just finished the guided meditation in module one. Just wow! So grateful."

Stacy Petrossian

2 group coaching calls with isabelle tierney


On each 90-minute coaching call, I’ll help you apply what you’ve learned to make positive shifts in the areas of your life that matter most to you. Students are often surprised by how easeful change can be through this new paradigm.

1:1 deep dive


In this 60-minute deep dive, a certified Feel Good Life facilitator will support you in expanding into your highest expression. You’ll emerge with confidence, clarity, and a path to action.



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  • forever access to the membership site
  • 8 modules with 12 video lessons
  • the 96-page course manual
  • 7 guided meditations
  • private facebook community
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • 2 group coaching calls with isabelle tierney
  • 1:1 deep dive
  • forever access to the membership site
  • 8 modules with 12 video lessons
  • the 96-page course manual
  • 7 guided meditations

nothing short of a miracle

“This work has been nothing short of a miracle. Isabelle Tierney is one of my most valuable resources who always reminds me how simple it can be to Feel Good in the moment. I have seen it in myself and others, this work works and is lasting.

Amy Harris

i so feel blessed to have found this!

“This work is a gift to this world. I feel so blessed to have found it! Isabelle Tierney is an intuitive, wise, and experienced healer. I just felt loved and supported in her presence. If you are seeking clarity and deep, internal shifts, this work will help you get there.”

Jamie Molnar

frequently asked questions

The VIP course is currently in session and enrollment has closed for this term. Get on the waitlist to receive an email notification (and an exclusive early bird offer!) when enrollment re-opens in early 2020.

All of the content is accessible in the membership site! You’ll be able to access the membership site on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll receive a link to create an account. If you select VIP enrollment, you’ll also receive an invite to the private Facebook community.

The main difference between VIP and self-guided enrollment is the level of individualized support you get. With VIP, you’ll get 28+ hours of individualized support over the course of 3 months between your 2 weekly hours of group coaching, 3 hours of group coaching with Isabelle, and 1:1 deep dive. Plus, you’ll have access to the Facebook community, where you can receive additional support from fellow participants. 

Which option is right for you will depend on how much support you feel you need in making the personal transformation you desire. For those looking to make a profound transformation, we recommend VIP enrollment.

While you will receive access to all of the content when you enroll, we recommend devoting 3 months to this course, which breaks down to about one lesson each week. Our recommendation is based on a body of scientific evidence that suggests that slow, gradual progress is more sustainable.

All sales of The Foundational Course are final. 

should you join me in the course?

Choosing to make a change in your life isn’t easy. It’s much easier to stay the same—even if it’s uncomfortable—simply because it’s familiar. Yet, some part of you knows there’s more to life than this. Some part of you is yearning to experience the sustained peace, love, and joy I’ve been speaking about.

Countless students before you have stood where you stand now and have decided to take a leap of faith by enrolling in this course. Read their testimonials. The transformation they have experienced is attainable for you, too.

This is my invitation to you to take that leap of faith.  Who knows—you might just discover that you are more supported than you ever believed possible.

I sincerely hope that I have the honor of working with you.

in gratitude, isabelle