Go Ahead Be Full of Yourself

Go Ahead, Be Full of Yourself

Go Ahead, Be Full of Yourself
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“She’s so full of herself”, says a friend about someone we both know.

It is said with judgment and disdain.

God forbid we should be too full of ourselves, right?


What if that wasn’t true?

I remember the countless years I spent feeling empty. 

So empty that all I could do was absorb other peoples’ beliefs, emotions, states of being and make them mine.

So empty that I spent most of my days filling myself with endless food only to empty myself again and again, lest I be “too full”.

So empty that my “giving” had nothing to do with generosity but instead was about hoping I would receive some love in return to fill me up.

Today, I feel so grateful to be filled with Self. This fullness is like an ocean, infinite waves of sensations arising and falling, the Divine flowing through me in endlessly creative forms.

Because of this fullness, I can now separate what’s mine from what’s yours. I don’t take IN others’ experiences, thereby giving them the respect and trust that they can hold their own.

Because of the fullness, I don’t need anything outside of myself to fill me up, food, people, or things.

Because of the fullness, my energy gets to spill over in abundance which allows me to give without sacrificing myself.

So go ahead and consider being “full of yourself”!  It might just be the best gift you can give yourself!

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I’m a healer, teacher, and licensed therapist sharing tools to help you relieve stress and restore well-being.



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