Falling in Love With Your Divinity and Your Humanity

Falling in Love with Your Divinity and Your Humanity

How to Manage Stress & Anxiety

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I imagine that you’re the kind of person who’s devoted time and money towards your spiritual development, that you long to be more loving and peaceful, less human and “messy”.  

Do I have that right?  If so, I get it.


I spent so many years trying to be "spiritual".

I was raised with so much shame about my humanity, my “imperfections”. 

And so, I desperately wanted to be someone who only felt “perfect” feelings.  An ascended master, who did not get angry, sad, or impatient.

In my ideal vision, this spiritual being would meditate all the time, be of constant service, and never ever watch reality tv (!).

Did this work out for me? Definitely not! Not only did I never attain perfection, I actually felt increasingly worse about myself.


I had to find a different way.

And then I read Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s quote “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”   

That quote changed my whole life trajectory.

Rather than spending all my time and energy trying to bypass my humanity, I learned that my responsibility is to be my best divine Self AND human Self!


I learned to fall in love with every aspect of my experience, the messy, the painful, the shadow. The beautiful, the exalted, the glorious.

This non-dualistic philosophy is what the Feel Good Life Methodology teaches us, and I’m so grateful to be an embodiment of it.

So today, as you move through your day, I invite you to love your divinity AND your humanity, bringing the lens of compassion, grace, humor, kindness, patience, and love to whatever arises moment by moment.

Let me know how this lands!  (To me, this principle brings me great relief, inspiration, and lots of love for myself and others.)


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I’m a healer, teacher, and licensed therapist sharing tools to help you relieve stress and restore well-being.



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