The Value Of

Wholehearted Commitment

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By Isabelle Tierney

I am blocked this morning.

I want to quit.

I want to get up and eat an english muffin with almond butter and drink another cup of coffee.

But something keeps me here.

This something is called commitment.

Commitment and I haven’t always been best friends.

I’ve been haphazard with commitment, in relationship with it when it served me, ignoring it when it didn’t.

And while my lackadaisical connection to commitment has always felt good in the moment (my inner rebel loved it), the long-term consequences have impacted me in subtle and not so subtle ways.

And so I sit in front of my computer, refusing to step away until I’ve written this post.

I feel a deep sense of stubbornness in my body.

It feels great.

So much better than the short-term “good feeling” of having abandoned myself.

Today, I know without a doubt that my capacity to get clear about my commitments and uphold them is the key to experiencing whatever I truly desire, from scaling my company to feeling strong in my body.

What about you?

Where has your inability to commit impacted your life?

Are you ready to try something new and wholeheartedly commit?

By Isabelle Tierney

Isabelle Tierney is the creator of The Feel Good Life, an international speaker, and a transformational leader. Her work, The Methodology, has helped thousands of people to live lives of less stress and more joy.