The Feel Good Life


Based on neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality, The Feel Good Life Methodology is our signature approach to a life of less stress and more well-being. All of our products and services are informed by the principles of The Methodology.

How it Works

The power to change your life lies in the choices you make on a daily basis.

The problem is, most of your choices aren’t made consciously, especially when you feel stressed.  When you’re stressed, your evolutionary biology takes over and virtually makes decisions for you.

Have you ever reached for an extra slice of cake you didn’t actually want, said something hurtful to a loved one in the heat of the moment, or gone on a spending spree only to regret it afterwards?  Many people struggle with these habits, possibly including you. But did you know that they’re not your fault?

When you feel stressed, you're not in conscious control of your choices.

Instead, what’s driving your behavior is a biological survival mechanism called the stress response.  The stress response helped humans thrive when real threats to survival were present, but it’s often more hurtful than helpful in modern life.  

When you’re in the stress response, you can’t make conscious, rational choices—you can only fight, flight, or freeze.  This is because the rational-thinking center in your brain, called the prefrontal cortex, has been hijacked by the stress hormone cortisol. You can only think, feel, and act reactively, which leads you to act out habits that feel good in the moment but eventually have negative consequences.

The Feel Good Life Methodology restores your ability to make conscious choices.

The Feel Good Life Methodology empowers you to recover your capacity make conscious, moment-to-moment choices by shifting you out of the stress response and into the relaxation response where peace, love, and joy reside.  

Instead of reaching for that extra slice of cake, using unkind words, or spending beyond your means, you develop the capacity to stop, breathe, and choose a different habit that supports the well-being of yourself and others.

3 Powerful Steps

With The Feel Good Life Methodology, you can learn to recover your power of conscious choice in 3 simple yet powerful steps. Download the eBook below to get The Methodology.

1. Recognize

Recognize the signals that you're in the stress response, where unconscious, reactive action is likely to occur.
Racing thoughts, turbulent emotions, and the impulse to act out False Good Habits are a few of the signals that let you know you're in the stress response.

2. Stop!

Don't act from the stress response! Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that what you're thinking, feeling, and wanting to do is distorted.
In the stress response, your brain is wired to see the world with a negative bias. While it's not your fault, it is your responsibility to do something about it.

3. Redirect

Make a conscious choice to move yourself out of the stress response and into the relaxation response, where peace, love, and joy reside.
Check out our scientifically-proven Feel Good Habits below that will successfully shift you into the relaxation response in the short- and long-run.

False Good Habits are those that offer short-term pleasure, but can hurt you and others in the long-run. You’re more likely to choose these habits in the stress response because you can’t think clearly and just want to feel better now, regardless of the consequences.

When you have the impulse to act out a False Good Habit, don’t act! Stop, breathe, remind yourself that what you’re thinking, feeling, and wanting to do is distorted. Redirect yourself to a Feel Good Habit.

Common False Good Habits:


       • Overeating, Undereating & Other Body-Harming Habits

       • Drinking, Smoking, & Other Substance-Overuse Habits

       • Blaming, Criticizing, Arguing, Not Listening, Withdrawing, Defending, Rejecting, Gossiping, 

               Other Reactive Ways of Communicating

       • Impulsive Spending, Spending Beyond Your Means, Hoarding, & Penny Pinching

       • Repetitive, Negative Thoughts & Emotions About Yourself & the World

       • More Serious Addiction Issues, Including Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse, Gambling, & Sex Addiction

Feel Good Habits are those that serve you and others in the long-run. Feel Good Habits may require you to forego the instant gratification provided by False Good Habits. 

Choosing Feel Good Habits not only shift you into the relaxation response, where peace, love, and joy live, they also help you live there sustainably.


Common Feel Good Habits

       • Call a Trusted Loved One or Mentor

       • Yoga, Hiking, Dancing & Other Practices that Move Energy

       • Spend Time in Nature

       • Listen to Music

       • Create Art

       • Do Something that Makes You Laugh, Like Watching a Comedy Movie

       • Dive Into an Inspiring Video or Book

       • Give Someone a Gift

       • Find Something to Be Grateful For

       • Meditate or Pray

       • Take Care of Your Body’s Basic Needs by Eating, Drinking, Napping, or Sleeping

       • Take at Least 5 Deep, Abdominal Breaths

       • Use the Choice Point Mandala Cards

How it Changes Lives

"I'm so much more responsible with money!"

I feel so much better not having the compulsion to needlessly spend! I’m so much more responsible with money now! I’m thankful for the smaller things in life, and find so much more joy in giving.

Sharon Stout-Wahl

"I trust myself around food again."

I haven’t allowed myself to eat donuts for 10 years because I used to binge on them. When I sat down for breakfast this morning, I allowed myself to have a donut and was able to slow down and really taste it. It was so satisfying!

Tonya Salerno

"I'm calmer and less frustrated at work."

Today, one of my employees asked me a question that had an obvious answer. Instead of getting frustrated like I used to, I stopped and took a moment to feel compassion for him. I patiently explained the answer to the question, saw the lights go off in his eyes, and witnessed his willingness to do a great job. I realize that the work I’m doing is bigger than myself.

Jason McCourt

"I've stopped taking others' pain personally."

This morning my cousin yelled at me in front of her kids. Before this work, I would have been angry and hurt for a long time. But instead, with barely an effort, I stayed calm and chose to take some space and take care of myself. Later, my cousin apologized to me and I was able to be there for her.

Joanie Rahn-Collins

"Negative thoughts don't have power over me anymore."

This work has given me more choice over the thoughts I think. When negative thoughts come up, I can let them go and move on. I spend a lot less time worrying about the past and the future and am grateful for what I have in the present.

Danielle Kucera

"I'm able to be there for my kids no matter what."

Yesterday, my son told me that he couldn’t handle school and was worried about himself. Usually, I would have gotten upset and tried to fix the situation. Instead, I slowed down, told my son I would be there for him no matter what, and was able to remind myself that his own process is so much more valuable than anything that I can force.

April Roush

Watch it in Action

Join Isabelle Tierney as she walks through each step of The Methodology with people just like you who have used it to make conscious choices and better their lives. 

"I feel in control around food."

“The Feel Good Life Methodology has completely transformed the way I relate to food and my body. It has allowed me to stop relying on diets to tell me what to eat, when to eat, or how much to eat. For the first time in my life I am able to be present with my hunger. I can eat whenever I get hungry and stop whenever I get full. I now relate to my hunger signals with honor rather than fear or rejection. I feel in control around food.”

Raya Schroeder

"I make better decisions with money."

“Before I started this work a big problem for me was overspending. It left me with a sense of stress, anxiety, and a painful connection to my financial well-being. Looking at my bank account was really stressful. The Feel Good Life Methodology has been life-altering. It’s opened up a lot of opportunity and choice for me to make better decisions. I’ve found new ways to connect to my authentic self that don’t require me to spend.”

Angela Fell Larson

"I'm no longer a people pleaser."

“I used to say yes to everything to make sure that everybody else was happy. I felt like I was overextending myself, I felt tired more often, and I felt that my relationships were more strained. Now,  I know that when I say yes to someone it is truly a yes. It’s not just me making sure that the other person is happy or comfortable. My relationships feel richer. I feel more joyful, more present, and more aligned.”

Nicole Tormey

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