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Create Success
Without Stress

Many people think success and stress go hand-in-hand. In reality, stress is one of the greatest obstacles to success. This talk teaches you how to relieve stress in 3 proven steps so that you can show up powerfully at home and at work.

Healthier Habits

Based on neuroscience and psychology, this talk teaches you how to rewire your thought and behavior-patterns. Empower yourself to break old habits and anchor new ones so that you can live a life of less stress and more choice.

Any Emotion

In this talk, you’ll learn a proven process for navigating any emotion, including anxiety, frustration, and sadness. Gain a greater capacity for inner resilience, harmonious relationships, and freedom from emotionally-driven habits.

Fall in Love
With Your Body

This talk helps people of all shapes and sizes heal their perception of their bodies. As someone who once struggled with an eating disorder, this subject is close to my heart. Are you ready to fall in love with your body exactly as it is?


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