Make your next event an electrifying experience.

“I was spell bound.  I could have listened to Isabelle for hours . . .  days . . .   Her speech brought tears to my eyes.”

– Robert Armon, audience member

Create Success Without Stress

Ideal for high-performers, this talk teaches practical strategies to reduce daily stress levels and optimize work-life balance.  Learn how to excel at work while also sustaining vibrant physical and mental health, fulfilling interpersonal relationships, and other priorities.

Rewire Your Habits

Based on neuroscience and psychology, this talk teaches you how to rewire your thought- and behavior-patterns.  Empower yourself to break stale habits and anchor new ones such as exercising, being more productive, and practicing kinder self-talk.

Master Difficult Emotions

In this talk, I teach a research-based method for navigating difficult emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness.  The benefits of practicing this method include improved relationships, greater inner peace, and freedom from emotionally-driven behaviors like overeating and addiction.

Fall in Love With Your Body

This talk helps men and women of all shapes and sizes radically shift their perception of their bodies. As a licensed therapist with 20+ years of experience working with eating disorders, this subject is one of my specialties. Everyone deserves to feel at peace with their body.

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