Certification Program

A comprehensive 6-month program that will certify you to lead and facilitate our transformational Methodology both in 1-1 and group settings.

You’re Invited to

Be trained in a Methodology that changes lives

At its core, our Spirit-inspired, science-informed Methodology is a powerful process that activates self-awareness and conscious choice.

It’s so simple, anyone can use it. And it’s so effective that it integrates seamlessly into daily life as a trusted tool that relieves stress and restores well-being in minutes—anytime, anywhere.

When you become trained to facilitate our Methodology, you become capable of creating profound and sustainable transformations for others. On a larger scale, you become an agent of change at a time when the world is more ready than ever.

Elizabeth Sampey

Certified Facilitator

Welcome to the next level of your leadership

Over the past few months, you’ve probably witnessed yourself change in remarkable ways. You may have noticed that you feel lighter, more present, inspired, connected, and grateful. Perhaps, you’re feeling better than you imagined you would—or could—after just a few months.

We’re here to tell you that the progress you’ve made so far is just the beginning. You’ve built a strong foundation for yourself in the Foundational Course. And now, you’re ready to expand upon that foundation and discover your next-level greatness in the Certification Program.

Master the skills you need for extraordinary impact


Be trained to utilize the Methodology to the fullest extent in every area of your life. Masterfully embody the peace, love, and joy of the Green Zone and in doing so, illuminate the way for others.


Develop the skills you need to lead others to rediscover the joy of living and bloom into healthier, more empowered versions of themselves. In the process, get in touch with the full range of your gifts and abilities and embrace yourself as a leader.


the Feel Good Life

Certification Program

Gain an invaluable set of tools

Be trained and supervised by Isabelle Tierney, a professional healer with decades of experience. Learn proven, evidence-based tools and put them into practice in real-world situations throughout the program.

Live into your purpose

Step into a reality where you greet each day with excitement and enthusiasm. Feel aligned in the way you spend your time and the way you earn your living. Access a wellspring of joy that comes from living out your soul’s purpose.

Bring healing to the world

Make an immeasurable difference in someone’s life by giving them the precious gift of conscious choice over their actions. Make the world a safer, kinder, and more compassionate place by sharing this work on an individual and global scale.

Belong to an epic community

Be a part of an unconditionally loving family where you’re invited to create deep, meaningful, and long-lasting bonds. In this sacred space, you can experience the healing and encouragement that helps you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

your benefits

As a Certified Feel Good Life Facilitator, you:

1.Become certified to facilitate the Methodology in 1-1 settings
2.Become certified to facilitate the Methodology in group settings
3.Become eligible to be a paid facilitator for our Foundational Course
4.Master the techniques to create life-changing results for your clients
5.Learn to live as an embodiment of the Methodology

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“This Methodology brilliantly aligns with my mission to amplify love in the world.”

Deidra Towns

“I feel fully connected to my truth.”

“Seeing how this work positively affects people’s lives has brought me joy, purpose, and alignment with my soul.”

Philip Nicholas

“This program is so inspiring.”

“I feel empowered to teach others how to explore all experiences from a lens of peace, love and joy.”

Jennifer Jarrett

“I’ve become a better leader.”

“Being a Certified Facilitator has expanded my leadership in ways I didn’t believe were possible. I feel confident leading in my personal and professional life and in my capacity to serve.”

Eric Luczak

“I use my Feel Good Life training as the foundation for all the other work I do.”

Lisa Eddy

your skills

The skills you’re going to master:

Personal Skills

Develop your capacity to become a conscious, powerful leader.

Develop the self-worth and confidence to play a bigger game.

Embody Green Zone frequencies in every area of your life.

Be a source of inspiration and encouragement for other people.

Professional Skills

How to enroll your ideal clients so it becomes a win-win experience for you both.

How to actively listen, get your client’s world, share impact, and facilitate change.

How to support clients at every stage of their journey, in 1-1 and group contexts.

How to be of highest service to challenging clients, in 1-1 and group contexts.

is it for you?

This is for you if you’re ready to…

1.Step up to your next-level greatness
2.Expand into roles of both leadership and service
3.Let go of the limitations that have kept you small
4.Grow with a community of like-hearted souls



The Certification Program Includes

Weekly Training Calls with Isabelle

Once a week, meet with Isabelle and your cohort for learning, discussion, and Q&A for 90 minutes. In addition, her Master Facilitation Team will support you throughout the program.

Monthly Supervision Calls with Isabelle

Once a month, for 1 hour, meet with Isabelle and an intimate group to receive guidance in overcoming roadblocks, best serving your clients, and stepping into your leadership.

Bonus Masterclasses with Experts

Intermittently throughout the program, tune into 1-hour sessions with experts to learn specific skills that will support you as a facilitator, including marketing your business, navigating complicated group dynamics, and understanding mental health protocols.

Intimate Group of Like-Hearted Peers

Tap into an abundant wellspring of support when you need it. Our private Facebook group allows for dynamic interchange, mutual learning, and rich connections.

Eligibility to Facilitate Our Course

Upon completing your program requirements, you’ll be eligible to be a paid group facilitator of our online course. As a bonus, your 1-1 facilitation services will be marketed to our course participants.

Lifetime Access to Our Online Learning Portal

Access all of your Certification Program learning materials in one place from any device. Enrich your learning with interactive quizzes, printable workbooks, and more. Your access never expires, so you’ll be able to revisit these invaluable materials anytime.

Self Development Online Course

Premium Access to Our LIVE Offerings

As a Certified Facilitator, you’ll have forever access to participate in the LIVE Foundational Course and the biannual 3-month LIVE Mastermind, which features weekly calls with Isabelle’s Master Facilitation Team.


The Feel Good Life Facilitators Retreat

High-Frequency Setting

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking environment for 5 days and 4 nights. Reconnect with nature—a scarlet sunset, the chiming of birds, the magic of the sea. Allow the energy of this sacred space to cleanse and bless you with a memory you can access again at any time.

Transformative Trainings

Throughout the retreat, sessions with Isabelle will lead you to experience revelations and breakthroughs in the areas of your life that are ready for change. You’ll walk away feeling powerfully transformed and uplifted.

Movement and Meditation

Take care of your body and your mind with daily movement and meditation sessions. After you move, you’ll feel energized and elated. After you meditate, you’ll feel calm, centered, and inspired. 

Green Zone Activities

Fully absorb the beauty present in each moment by remaining connected to the Green Zone throughout the retreat. You’ll have abundant opportunities to replenish your energy through activities such as participating in sacred ceremony, exploring natural wonders, or enjoying solitude.

Meals and Accommodations

Rest well in luxury-appointed accommodations designed to soothe your body, mind, and spirit. Nourish your body with 3 healthy, delicious meals each day prepared fresh according to your dietary preferences.

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the Feel Good Life

The Certification Program

Program Package

The complete 6-month Certification Program featuring…

+Weekly Training Calls
+Monthly Supervision Calls
+Small Cohort of Supportive Peers
+Eligibility to Facilitate Our Course
+Online Learning Portal
+Bonus Lifetime Membership

Retreat Package

The Program Package, plus the 1-week Retreat featuring…

+High-Frequency Setting
+Transformative Trainings
+Movement and Meditation
+Green Zone Activities
+Meals and Accommodations

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