Welcome to a new way of being. 

Life is meant to be easeful, inspiring, and joyful.  Learn to let go of daily stress and actualize your highest vision for your life.

Devoted to your unique and specific needs.  Each session lasts 60-75 minutes.

From a licensed therapist with 20+ years of experience and hundreds of client success stories.

15-minute flash sessions available to you when you need them at no additional charge.

Unravel Stress

Decrease your stress levels with evidence-based tools and techniques. When stress arises, learn to diffuse it quickly.

Break Painful Habits

Rewire your thought- and behavior- patterns so that loving thoughts and actions become second nature to you.  Experience lasting freedom from painful, difficult-to-break habits.

Cultivate Self-Love

Fall in love with your flaws.  Grow your self-confidence.  Become your greatest friend.  As a result of doing this work, your other relationships transform, too.

Connect to Your Intuition

Learn to connect to the higher guidance that is available to you always.  Deepen in reverence and trust for God/Life.