Mastering the Superpower

Of Choosing Happiness

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By Isabelle Tierney

How good will you allow yourself to feel today?

You might answer that you can’t feel good today, you’ve got too much on your plate, your job is stressful, your children difficult, your life overfull.

You might tell me that you’d feel good if only you had more time, more space, less stress, fewer responsibilities.

I used to believe that too.

I’d read books like The 4-Hour Workweek,

Canceled clients,

Tried to be more like some of my millennial friends who seem to have so much time to do amazing things…

But my life mostly stayed the same.

I woke up every day feeling overwhelmed by how much I had going on and the stress I knew was ahead of me.

Until I realized that I did not have to change anything on the outside to feel good inside.

Instead, I could make the way I inhabited every moment of my day different. These days, I practice:

  • Getting in my cozy bed to do my feared quickbooks.
  • Taking 5 deep, delicious breaths before the next client comes in rather than trying to quickly write an email.
  • Walking slowly even in my house, opening kitchen cabinets with presence, choosing a colorful bowl for my food that makes me happy every time, making my bed with care. (All of this rather than rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off.)
  • Enjoying the sip of coffee that’s right next to me right now, pausing to really enjoy it, appreciating the mug that I picked that my friend Virginia bought me that says “blessed” on its lip.

Do you get the point?

Whether you can or cannot currently change your life externally to feel more good, you can ALWAYS change it NOW, by finding YOUR small, moment-by-moment ways to add more spaciousness, more pleasure, more joy, more gratitude, even when you don’t like what you’re doing.

Do you know the coolest thing about developing this superpower (yes, it is a superpower)?

You will never ever feel like life has control over your happiness.

Instead, you will know that you have been in control of your happiness all along.

How can you commit to feeling good today?

By Isabelle Tierney

Isabelle Tierney is the creator of The Feel Good Life, an international speaker, and a transformational leader. Her work, The Methodology, has helped thousands of people to live lives of less stress and more joy.