Facilitator’s Mastermind

Continue expanding personally and professionally as a Certified Feel Good Life Facilitator.

Welcome to the next level of your training

We’ve all been through a year together of learning and connection. What you can expect from this Mastermind is an opportunity to deepen your awareness and skill set with this work to serve you personally or professionally if that’s where you choose to go.

Once a month, we will meet for 90+ minutes and we will be present to the support you need, whether that is increasing your Feel Good Frequency or growing your private practice with supervision.

Continue to develop your skills

Our space offers you continued self-reflection, self-insight, and transformation. The Mastermind is an opportunity to blossom not only professionally, but also personally. When you choose to remain in this sacred space, you benefit from the wisdom and compassion of Isabelle and our collective. Our community wants to be with you as you uncover deeper truths about yourself, release what’s not serving you, and align with your highest self. Say “yes” to being seen, known, and loved for all that you are.

What’s Included

When you enroll in the Facilitator’s Mastermind

1 Monthly Coaching Call with Isabelle

Once a month, for 90+ minutes, meet with Isabelle and an intimate group. You’ll have the opportunity to receive 1:1 attention, ask questions, and learn from others. If you are growing your private practice, you’ll have the opportunity to receive supervision. If you can’t stay for the entire time, no worries—all of the calls will be recorded.


Facilitator’s Mastermind


Auto-Billed Monthly (Cancel Anytime)

+1 90+ Minute Call with Isabelle

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the calls?

The 90+ minute calls with Isabelle are once a month, Thursdays at 4PM MST, beginning on March 10th, 2022.

Are the calls recorded?

All of the calls will be recorded and emailed to you. If you can’t attend LIVE, you can watch the recordings.

What is the process for canceling?

Canceling is easy. You can cancel anytime by sending an email to Raya at

Who can participate in the Facilitator’s Mastermind?

Only current or pending graduates of the Certification Program can participate in the Mastermind.