Day 8

Today we invite you to say “no more!” to the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. Though you may have spent a lifetime letting these beliefs run the show, today is full of fresh opportunities to take charge and show up differently than you have in the past. Today is the day to shout out your unwavering “yes!” to your Green Zone life and seed new, loving beliefs about yourself.

Step #1

Download the Workbook

This workbook contains key takeaways from the daily trainings and actionable ways to apply them to your life. Pen to paper works best, but if you don’t have access to a printer, you can also use the digital copy.

Step #2

Watch the Morning Training

In this training with Isabelle, you’ll learn how to intentionally manifest a life based on beliefs that inspire you.  You’ll also be guided on a meditation to connect with and embody the future, Green Zone you.

Step #3

Watch the Afternoon Training

In this training with Certified Feel Good Life Facilitator Eric Luczak, you’ll hear how Eric unearthed and healed his core beliefs about love to attract his ideal partner into his life.

Step #4

Do the Daily Challenge

Today’s Challenge is to do one action that your future, Green Zone self is doing that you’re not currently doing. Borrow courage from your future self and starting living a live consistent with your dream life. Share your experience of today’s Challenge in the Facebook Group!