Day 6

Today, you’ll examine your chosen life area on an even deeper level by taking an honest look at your habits. Do your behavior patterns  in this area lead you to the Red Zone or the Green Zone? If they’re leading you to the Red Zone, are you willing to make a change? It’s the actions we do on a daily basis that count.

Step #1

Download the Workbook

This workbook contains key takeaways from the daily trainings and actionable ways to apply them to your life. Pen to paper works best, but if you don’t have access to a printer, you can also use the digital copy.

Step #2

Watch the Morning Training

In this training with Isabelle, you’ll let go of being perfect and really choose which habits you’re willing to let go of. If there are Red Zone habits you’re still holding on to, you’ll shine compassion on yourself. During a guided meditation, you’ll practice shifting Red Zone habits into the Green Zone.

Step #3

Watch the Afternoon Training

In this training with Certified Feel Good Life Facilitator Joanne Adducci,  you’ll learn how to navigate times in life when everything seems to be falling apart. You’ll walk away knowing you can thrive no matter what life throws at you.

Step #4

Do the Daily Challenge

Today’s Challenge is to fill out the charts in your workbook and shift your habits into the Green Zone. You can find all of the details in your workbook. Make sure to share your experience of today’s Challenge with us in the Facebook Group!