Day 10

Today we’ll draw from all corners of this work to strengthen the way we relate to ourselves with compassion, choice, and love. You’ll also learn about the fourth Stress Response, the “fawn response.” You’ll walk away from today’s trainings with the keys to live your life in the Green Zone.

Step #1

Download the Workbook

This workbook contains key takeaways from the daily trainings and actionable ways to apply them to your life. Pen to paper works best, but if you don’t have access to a printer, you can also use the digital copy.

Step #2

Watch the Morning Training

In this first training with Isabelle, you’ll learn about the fourth Stress Response, the “fawn response.” You’ll also learn how you can go deeper with this work in The Foundational Course.

Step #3

Watch the Afternoon Training

In this training with Certified Feel Good Life Facilitator Philip Nicholas, you’ll learn how this work powerfully stretches the key seconds between impulse and action and helps you regain true choice in any situation.

Step #4

Do the Daily Challenge

Congratulations on reaching Day 10! Your Challenge is to carry this work forward into your life. Keep tracking your Feel Good Channel and using the 3 steps every day.  Slowly but surely, the Green Zone will become your “new normal.” Keep us updated on your progress in the Facebook Group!