Day 1

Today is a complete life audit, an opportunity for self-honesty, a call to go after what you really want. This is an invitation to create a new vision for yourself and seize it, to dare to go after the one breakthrough that will make the biggest difference for you.

Step #1

Download the Workbook

This workbook contains key takeaways from the daily trainings and actionable ways to apply them to your life. Pen to paper works best, but if you don’t have access to a printer, you can also use the digital copy.

Step #2

Watch the Morning Training

In this first training with Isabelle, you’ll learn the foundation of The Feel Good Life Methodology—The Feel Good Scale. You’ll also be guided on a meditation to visualize exciting new possibilities for yourself in your chosen life area.

Step #3

Watch the Afternoon Training

In this training with Certified Feel Good Life Facilitator Deidra Towns, you’ll learn how to connect to the essence of what you really want so you can design a future that inspires you.


Step #4

Choose Your Life Area

Which area of your life you want to focus on in this Challenge? Do you want a breakthrough in Health & Self-Care, Relationships, Money, or Spirituality? Choose your life area and commit to it.

Step #5

Do the Daily Challenge

Today’s Challenge is to share your chosen life area and your breakthrough vision with us in the Facebook Group!