Angela Larson

I choose to facilitate The Feel Good Life Methodology because I want to empower others to thrive.

About Angela

My personal experience with this Methodology has led me to a place of healing from decades old patterns and released me from the struggle of emotional eating, financial impulsivity, body shaming, and has vastly improved my most valued and intimate relationships.

As a Health Coach, I work with men, women, and young adults who by personal choice or medical diagnosis are seeking to improve their overall physical health and emotional wellbeing.

By facilitating individual and small group programs I use the Feel Good Life Methodology to focus on improving my clients self-awareness and ultimately shifting unproductive habits to better align with their healthy intentions.

Many clients come to me out of frustration because they’ve “tried everything” to experience lasting results, by teaching them the 3 simple steps has “made all the difference” for them to report back that they “feel like themselves”, maybe for the first time. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping people get there.

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