Certified Facilitator
Tonya Salerno
“I choose to facilitate the Methodology because it expands my awareness, shifts my perspective, and improves the way I show up for myself and others.”
About Tonya
Since 2017 I have been working with Isabelle Tierney using the Methodology to help transform the outdated habits and beliefs that were getting in the way of truly living life to its fullest. Although my yoga practice has always provided me with inward connection and stress reduction, the voice of the inner critic still hijacked my brain and kept pulling me back from stepping into my full confidence and power.

The Methodology has been a remedy for the critical voice and the beliefs that back it up. The Methodology helps me shift my perspective anywhere, anytime with ease and return to my innate joy and wisdom. I continue to use these valuable tools daily in my life as new difficult situations and emotions arise.

The Methodology has been one of the most valuable tools I use as a parent. I respond, rather than react and I am able to teach my children these skills to apply in their own lives. I have found that it is simple enough to use with even a 4 year old. Yet highly effective at any age.

I am certified to help you learn to use the Methodology to change your life. I am available to provide one on one and small group sessions in learning the Methodology. See how this transformative tool can change your life!
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