Certified Facilitator
Nicole Tormey
I choose to facilitate the Methodology because it provides actionable steps to release stress and create internal balance.
About Nicole
The Methodology found me.

It came into my life 10,125 miles away from anyone or anything I knew. Something inside of me said yes to exploring this work and I trusted that feeling. This work has transformed the way I communicate with loved ones, witness and manage my emotions and approach challenging moments in life.

This work reminded me that I have a choice in how I want to show up and experience life. I am no longer a victim to my inner critic, my emotions or external experiences. I can choose to pause, look inward and allow myself to process and release. Allowing for more room to grow and live the most fulfilled and purposeful life possible.

If this sparks interest within you, know that I am ready to help you begin this journey. As a Certified Facilitator I provide a safe, boundless space for you to learn, practice and integrate this work into your daily life. I am currently available to work one-on-one or in intimate group settings. If you are craving a deeper connection to the present moment, this work is for you. I look forward to meeting you and working towards a more balanced, authentic and vibrant life.
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