Certified Facilitator
Millie Snook
I choose to facilitate the Methodology to empower others to embody soulful integrity.
About Millie
When Millie discovered Isabelle and the Methodology, she immediately resonated with the work and felt alignment with her own journey and years of self-development, trauma-informed training, personal therapy and spiritual practice. She felt HOME.

Millie has been described as forging space with a powerful light which allows her clients to drop deeply and center into their own authenticity. As a facilitator, her passion is coming alongside individuals to illuminate their path and help guide their journey of hope and transformation, especially in the areas of marital dynamics, recovery, parenting, clutter, codependency, non-toxic lifestyle and spirituality.

As a Northwest Native, Millie enjoys the beauty and splendor of the Pacific Northwest. She and her husband raised their four sons on a steady diet of skiing, hiking, basketball, soccer, karate, UFC and lots and lots of soup. Their family also includes a recovering cat and six goats. Millie is active in her church and loves lettering, dance and writing inspired poetry.

Millie would love to explore ways to support your growth to navigate the ups and downs of life with greater ease and fluency.
Connect With Millie
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