Certified Facilitator
Lisa Eddy
I choose to facilitate the Methodology because I want to help people own their power and beauty from the inside out.
About Lisa
Lisa is a Certified Facilitator of the Methodology and a seasoned beauty expert with close to 25 years in the industry. She has always been propelled by holistic true beauty and spirituality. The inner beauty work has always been equally important for Lisa to develop and hone. Being super passionate and curious in nature, Lisa is always eager to learn, grow, and evolve both personally and professionally and is committed to helping others do the same, all while potentially avoiding the pain and pitfalls she went through!

Lisa was deeply moved by Isabelle Tierney’s passion, story and transformation and was inspired to use the Methodology for herself during a very trying time. Through implementing the work, Lisa was able to transform into a more calm, relaxed and happy version of herself, which made becoming a facilitator of this work was a no-brainer! With numerous modalities and techniques under her belt, Lisa has created a signature hybrid of Soul + Skin Care. Using the Methodology with her unique blend of skin care and self care as a portal to soul care, Lisa helps her clients find their true beauty elixir—owning their power and beauty.

She is currently available for 1:1 and group sessions, and is eager to help you shine from the inside out!
Connect With Lisa
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