Certified Facilitator
Joanne Adducci
I choose to facilitate the Methodology because I want to help others create the life they’ve always wanted.
About Joanne
Growing up as your typical middle child, I always wanted harmony and did all I could to keep everyone happy. I learned quickly to say ‘yes’ to everything asked of me – even if I didn’t want to. It was how I gained love and approval.

This transferred into my career as a people pleaser and over-achiever. I spent years working long hours, pulling all nighters to get the job done and working to meet SO many expectations set on me by ME, my bosses at any given time, my customers, competition, team, friends, spouse, parents, what felt like everyone.

I learned that I have a keen sense for connecting dots, I chase the sun and follow the moon! I LOVE simplifying a message and getting people excited about something!

This shifted into my personal life shortly after my mom passed away; the void of my mom wasn’t just the void of missing her presence, something else had cracked open. When I realized, and was ready to admit, that I was living for everyone but me. I quickly started to connect the dots of my past with my present, I wanted to know why I do and think the way I do.

The Methodology brings structure and definition to the work I have done! It allows me to slow down and, in bite size pieces, find a place of joy and connectedness again. I took a leap of faith late last year, left my technology career of 25 years and am on a mission to create a movement towards conscious living through deep understanding of self. I take the power of my own ongoing healing, combine it with science and spirituality, to help others with conscious thought and mindful action, to create the life they’ve always wanted #now!
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