Certified Facilitator
Elizabeth Sampey
I choose to facilitate the Methodology because it’s essential for us to reach our potential.
About Elizabeth
Dr. Elizabeth Sampey has designed her life around exploring the world’s wildest places through human-powered travel. She believes adventure has the power to transform our bodies, minds, and lives when pursued in a mindful and aligned way. Using the Methodology as the foundational thread that weaves throughout her work and life, Elizabeth specializes in working with her fellow outdoor enthusiasts as an integrative adventure coach to help them become their best selves in and through their outdoor pursuits.

Elizabeth earned her doctoral degree in physical therapy in 2008. Feeling the need for a more integrated approach to healing and performance, she started her coaching practice in 2013 and set out to further her education in connecting the mind and spirit with the body. She became a Certified Facilitator to learn how to effectively teach this powerful Methodology to others.

This work has empowered her on expeditions from Pakistan to Peru, and in setting a prestigious record as the fastest woman to complete a traverse of the 750-mile Arizona Trail by mountain bike. Translating her skills from adventure to life, she navigated a painful divorce, trauma, and PTSD—gaining valuable life experience along the way. Today, she’s using the Methodology to build her dream career and a thriving relationship with her partner.

Elizabeth is available for private and group sessions, and is excited to help you tap into your adventurous spirit and live an inspired life.
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