Certified Facilitator
Inga Roth-Kennedy
“I choose to facilitate the Methodology because it has taught me how to live with true joy and I want to help others find and live with their true joy too!”
About Inga
Growing up, I was often told that I was too sensitive. Being too sensitive can be really painful so not knowing how to process my emotions, I just shut that part of me down. Consequently, as an adult, I struggled with anxiety and extreme grief.

What I have learned from the Methodology and what I facilitate to my clients is a way to feel the feels without getting sucked under. We can feel it all and still experience joy and have enriched lives. In fact, the more we allow ourselves to be with our feelings and not bury them, the more we allow ourselves to be exactly who we are meant to be.

Each day brings challenges and unfamiliar things. You do not have to face them alone. I provide a safe and boundless space for you to learn, practice, and integrate the Methodology into your daily life. My highest preference is to guide you in realizing that “the world doesn’t have to change for us to experience it differently,” as Isabelle so eloquently says.
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