Certified Facilitator
Diana Bandoh
I choose to facilitate the Methodology because I love having a front row seat in watching people feel good!
About Diana
I grew up in a home where criticism was the primary love language and where it was clear that the true measure of my self worth washow well (or poorly) I compared in terms of performance to the children of the nameless, faceless, people my parents told me were family… many of whom I still have not met.

In case you missed it, I just told you that I grew up thinking criticism was love, and obsessively measuring my accomplishments to those of everyone around me was how to determine my self worth.

If that does not sound like a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what does.

My wakeup call began during a hike in Bali with an older wiser friend who lovingly warned me that my life would pass by without marriage or children if I kept working the way I had been. I had a “great job” as a lawyer at an investment bank that looked fantastic on paper, but was literally killing me. I was overweight, drinking too much, smoking cigarettes to relax after work, not exercising, dating toxic men (because negativity felt like love), neglecting friendships because “work”…etc etc etc…

I decided to quit the job a little over a year later. It took about 6 months for my body to start feeling rested again after almost 5 years of living in a high adrenaline state. The healing in my physical body inspired me to begin a spiritual healing journey, which eventually resulted in becoming a life coach who uses the Methodology to help clients learn to say yes to feeling good.

I love working with clients who are going through a divorce or wanting to rebuild their lives after divorce, desiring to create work/life balance, ready to break unhealthy patterns in relationships, learning how to walk away (from toxic employers, friends, and romantic partners), developing a lifestyle of mindfulness, and/or ready to start a spiritual journey.
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