The Feel Good Life

Sacred Sundays

Continue your transformational journey with the support of live weekly community calls led by Isabelle.

You’re invited to grow with us

Welcome to an opportunity that’s designed to strengthen and support the foundation of who you are and infuse more magic into the way you experience each area of your life. There’s a reason why many of the members of our community choose to grow with us for years—because this Methodology has a living, breathing pulse, and because it can support you in becoming a more vibrant version of yourself each and every day.

Remain connected to our community

The space we’ve cultivated together here is sacred. It’s a space of trust, inclusion, belonging, and unconditional love. It’s a space where you’re invited to bring all of yourself and fill up on authentic connection. It’s a sanctuary that provides strength and stability, and we want you to be a part of it.

Continue practicing this life-long work

In a short period of time, this Methodology can produce powerful changes in the way you think, feel, and act. Remember, though, that this Methodology is most impactful when it’s practiced consistently across days, months, and years. When you give yourself the gift of time, you allow the process of slow, sustainable change to move mountains for you.

“I get so excited for these calls! They’re so moving and they sustain me throughout my entire week. I am so grateful for the community I have found here.”

Sharon Wahl

Here’s What You’ll Receive
Weekly Sunday Calls

Once a week, for 75 minutes, raise your frequency with Isabelle. On these calls, you’ll connect with Spirit, receive divine guidance, and access deep meditative states. These calls will ground and uplift your entire week.

Private Facebook Community

Continue to enjoy the warmth of our community in a private Facebook group with your fellow participants. Isabelle will be present and engaged in the group to support you on a regular basis.

Success Stories

This is For You if You’re Ready to…

Heal areas of your life that are ready for and asking for healing.

Heal areas of your life you haven’t had the support or courage to heal yet. 

Encounter connection, safety, and belonging in a group that sees and cherishes you.

Receive precise 1:1 support and learn from witnessing others shift.

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Sacred Sundays With Isbaelle


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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Sunday Calls?
The Sacred Sunday Calls with Isabelle are Sundays from 8-9:15AM PT, year-long.
Are the calls recorded?
All of the calls will be recorded and shared with you. If you can’t attend LIVE, you can watch the recordings.

Join Isabelle LIVE on Thursdays

Every Thursday, we workshop the Methodology and share real-life stories to teach and inspire you to live better. Register to get all of the details you’ll need to join us sent to your inbox—I can’t wait to see you there.