Certified Facilitator
Grace Secker
I choose to facilitate the Methodology because I want to help people find balance and peace in their lives.
About Grace
I specialize in working with people who find themselves stuck in a pattern of chronic symptoms and are finding it hard to handle what life throws at them. This may mean you have past trauma in your life that is effecting you now, or life circumstances that have proven too difficult to understand. This may look like dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, IBS, long covid, etc. (see more on nervous system support here) the perfectionist, the disordered eating, the too-structured, the comparer, the workaholic or chronic health concerns. I work with people who are wanting to find a balance between their desires to follow strict guidelines with health and their desire to find health intuitively. Additionally, I work with people suffering from trauma and always use a trauma informed approach in all of my work.

I pursued becoming a psychotherapist after I found a passion with my own experience of healing in therapy. I have a profound respect for holistic healing modalities which is why I became Certified in Yoga Therapy and Reiki Level II after seeing how yoga, spirituality, and therapy can help heal simultaneously. Additionally, I am a Certified Facilitator of the Methodology.

I obtained my master’s degree in Counseling from Southern Methodist University. I believe strongly in the blend of evidence and alternative-based approaches to healing. I provide a therapeutic space that focuses on the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. I have a passion for helping people heal and want to spread the love of whole body healing.

I am an explorer and traveller at heart, so you’ll find that I may be in different parts of the world throughout the year connecting the nuances of other cultures. I am happiest when I am in nature, dancing, moving, exploring and playing with fur babies, and friends.
Connect With Grace
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