Stress Less, Thrive More
Breakthrough Experience
September 19th-30th, 2022
A 10-Day Guided Online Journey to a Breakthrough in 1 Chosen Area of Your Life
Stress Less, Thrive More
Breakthrough Experience
September 19th-30th, 2022
A 10-Day Guided Online Journey to a Breakthrough in 1 Chosen Area of Your Life
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A team of expert facilitators— trained and certified in the powerful, proven Methodology that holds the keys to your breakthrough.

Isabelle Tierney
Philip Nicholas
Deidra Towns
Eric Luczak
Now is Your Time to Thrive
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What If You Could Give Yourself REAL Space to Fully Focus on Upleveling the Quality of Your Life?
What if you were given a powerful container to support and amplify this transformation?
And what if you were given a road map guiding directly to the transformation you’ve been searching for?
Would you be a full-out yes?
If so, welcome to the Stress Less, Thrive More Breakthrough Experience, where we guarantee that after just 10 days, you’ll walk away with all the tools you’ll need to lead a life of higher inspiration, connection, and aliveness.
Deborah Sings
I’ve done a lot of personal work but I’ve never done anything so profound in such a short period of time!
Lisa Keller
I am crying, but tears of joy and gratitude for the gift of this experience.
Sara Martinez
Beautiful, fulfilling, transformational, phenomenal.
Diane Kipper
Every day I thought it couldn’t be better than the day before and every day I was wrong! Every day just kept getting better and better!
Joanne Bernardi
I want everyone to know that this will absolutely change your life!
Raya Schroeder
I prayed for so many years for this. All of my prayers have been answered.
Adriana Carolina
I have witnessed many lives change in a short period of time (including mine) 🙏🏻
Lisa Stowell
This showed me how to change things I’ve been trying to change for a longgggg time.
Esmeralda Camarena
My life will never be the same.
Who You Are
Let us assure you, your goals are waiting for you.
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Now is Your Time to Thrive
What This Is
In this 10-day journey, we’ll guide you to stress less and thrive more in 1 chosen area of your life…
With a simple yet profound, science- and mindfulness-based Methodology that holds the keys to your breakthrough.
These 10 days are curated specifically to walk you step-by-step to a significant breakthrough in one 1 area of your life, whether that’s your health, self-care, relationship to self or another, career, or spirituality.
LIVE Daily Trainings
In the Morning and Afternoon
Everything you’ll learn is designed to build your capacity to stretch and expand in an intensive yet sustainable way.
All of the guidance you need to play bigger, shine brighter, and live life with more ease, joy, and aliveness.
This is not a passive experience. We know that the best results occur when you play full out, when you’re willing to exceed your own expectations in a professionally-facilitated, safe, and trusting container.
By the end of the 10 days, we guarantee that you’ll have access to a higher frequency in 1 area of your life.
What are you waiting for?
How it works
How It Works


When you register, you’ll be emailed all of the details you’ll need to join us.


Play full-out with us LIVE September 19th-30th with daily trainings, practices, and more.


Get ready to thrive in 1 chosen area of your life.
Ericka Tapper
Since I did this, my friends and family have all asked me what the “big change” has been!
Marsha Bensoussan
This experience has been so helpful since day one.
Joni Rahn-Collins
Prepare to be wowed!
Deborah White
I was finally able to make changes in myself… something I thought I’d never be able to do. This has helped me like few things ever have in my life.
Christine Wolters
I am completely blown away!
Kyle Pajor
This helps you identify the roots of whatever you’re struggling with and then uproot them once and for all.
Lisa McKay
There aren’t enough words to fully communicate what this experience has meant to me 🙏
Monika Mitchell
THIS is what I needed to move forward.
Tonya Salerno
I’ve felt more joy in the past week than I’ve felt in the past 5 years!
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Now is Your Time to Thrive
Are You Ready to Step Into an Expanded Version of Yourself?
This 10-day challenge has been designed to facilitate a massive transformation in your life.
With your “full-out yes,” you are…

Opening yourself up to limitless potential

Launching yourself towards a state of aliveness

Being reinvigorated by what's possible

Moving forward with the support of a collective behind you

Claiming the life you really want to live

Being guided directly to the transformation you've been waiting for

We’ve seen breakthroughs happen again and again…
We thought it best not for us to tell you, but rather to let you hear participants share in their own words.
“I’ve gone off antidepressants and discovered joy in my daily life.”
J Marie Love
“My chronic pain has significantly decreased.”
Marsha Bensoussan
“I’m in a relationship for the first time in 8 years.”
Eric Luczak
“My self-talk is so much less judgmental and so much more kind.”
Hilary Peddicord
“I’ve stopped yelling at my daughter and become a more patient and present parent.”
Nika Redding
Personal Transformation
“My partner and I are at our highest point.”
Jason McCourt
“I’ve stopped overeating and lost 30 pounds.”
Raya Schroeder
“I’m more present and I’ve fallen in love with my now.”

Esmeralda Camarena

“I don’t let people disrespect or abuse me anymore.”
Teri Woods
“I gained the confidence to land a higher-paying job!”
Carrie Dawson
Personal Transformation
“I can honestly say I’ve become the person I’ve always wanted to be.”
Katie McClusky
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Now is Your Time to Thrive
Meet Your Leaders
Isabelle Tierney
Licensed Therapist, 25+ Year International Practice, Founder of the Methodology
Philip Nicholas
Certified Master Facilitator of the Methodology
Deidra Towns
Certified Master Facilitator of the Methodology
Eric Luczak
Certified Master Facilitator of the Methodology
We are a team of expert facilitators who are united by our passion for this Methodology because we’ve witnessed its profound impact first-hand.
It is an equal opportunity healer that knows no gender, age, race, socio-economic status, or cultural boundaries. It meets you where you’re at—no matter where you’re starting from—and stays with you as you grow.
It has been shown to work in the most unlikely cases. It restores hope and re-awakens joy and enthusiasm, and this is why we’re so passionate about it.
We’ve all been formally trained and have collectively guided thousands on this journey.
Together with our experience and dedication, you’re in good hands.
Meet Your Breakthrough Speakers
Former participants who are now thriving
In addition to being guided by experts, you’ll be inspired by those who live this Methodology every day, many of whom have gone on to become certified to facilitate it.
These speakers will be sharing their real-life stories and breakthroughs with the Methodology to show you what’s possible, share their wisdom, and light the way to your transformation.
Stress Less, Thrive More
Breakthrough Experience
September 19th-30th, 2022
Now is Your Time to Thrive
Frequently Asked Questions
This is the most sustainable way to create the change you’re looking for. We know that as you learn to uplevel 1 life area, you’ll then be able to uplevel another area of your life, and keep repeating the process as many times as needed. And the beauty is – you choose where to start. You get to use this challenge to focus on whatever area of your life needs attention. This is not a cookie cutter experience. Instead, everyone gets what they need. So if you’re someone that tends to take on too much at once… And then struggles to stay on top of everything you’ve got going on… And find yourself getting burnt out on a regular basis… Or, if you’re someone that has a tendency to freeze with overwhelm when faced with too many choices… And then take no action at all… This is for you.

Each day, we have two LIVE calls from 8-9AM PST / 11AM-12PM EST and 4-4:45PM PST / 7-7:45PM EST.

Yes! All of the calls will be recorded and emailed to you at the end of each of the 10 days, so you can still participate fully.
Yes! It’s 100% free to participate in this 10-day experience. We provide this for free as part of our mission to reach as many people as possible with this transformational work. If you’ve been impacted by this experience, there will be an opportunity for you to continue growing with us afterwards.
Lisa Keller
This was more monumental than I could’ve thought possible.
Millie Snook
Massively powerful.
Gretchen Pangirer
I wish I would’ve done this years ago!
Lorretta Anderson
I haven’t felt this good in a really long time!
Kirsten Owens
I am in awe of the transformations in this group.
Melanie Gordon
This instantly changed who I was.
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