Our Product Portfolio

The Stress Reset Signature Talk

In this talk, Isabelle Tierney teaches your employees to recognize their stress level and lower it anytime, anywhere. Your team members will walk away with actionable, proven tools for sustainable stress reduction and increased well-being. Can be delivered as a 1-hour keynote or half- or full-day training.

The Stress Reset 7-Day Challenge

Empower your employees to reset their stress and revitalize their mental, emotional, and physical health with this engaging 7-day online challenge. Your employees will learn techniques that support healthy stress management for a lifetime while they grow together as a community.

The Stress Reset Online Program

Our 6-week wellness program equips your employees with proven tools to manage stress in the short and long term. Plus, it promotes a healthy mindset, emotional regulation, and creative collaboration. Choose from a suite of packages that are uniquely suited for your company’s needs.

The Train-the-Trainer Program

When you train key members of your company to facilitate The Stress Reset Method, everyone benefits. Your trainers will serve as on-site representatives to ensure sustainable stress management across your entire company. Their training includes cognitive-behavioral, relational, emotionally-focused,  and mindfulness-based skills.

1-1 Coaching with Isabelle Tierney

For deep transformation from the inside out, work one-on-one with licensed therapist Isabelle Tierney. You will decrease your stress immediately and in the long-term with evidence-based tools and expert guidance at every step of the process. Plus, you will rewire your thought- and behavior- patterns and  master effective leadership skills. Ideal for leaders, executives, and managers.