Equip your employees with proven tools for effective stress management.

When your employees are stressed, they’re less engaged, less productive, and less collaborative. Not to mention, they’re more vulnerable to physical and mental illnesses like heart disease and depression. Workplaces with higher stress levels have higher health care costs, employee absences, and turnover rates.


Say that the global pandemic is the “most stressful time of their entire career,” according to recent surveys.

Billion Dollars

Are spent annually on stress-related health issues by US businesses.

Work Days

Are lost per employee per year due to stress-related unproductivity.

The Stress Reset is your company’s best defense against stress. We teach a proven method that reduces stress levels quickly and sustainably. Our approach is informed by neuroscience and psychology. We have curated evidence-based therapeutic tools and techniques based in CBT, DBT, EFT, and mindfulness.

  • Reduce Stress Quickly and Sustainably
  • Activate an Engaged, Productive Mindset
  • Teach Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation
  • Resolve Conflict and Facilitate Collaboration
  • Inspire a Culture of Well-Being

The Stress Reset

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The Stress Reset

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Stress knows no titles. It affects hourly wage earners and high-level executives alike. Everyone in your company can benefit from these transformational trainings. The Stress Reset is ideal for companies and teams of all sizes.

Isabelle Tierney, CEO

I’m Isabelle Tierney, licensed therapist, stress management expert, and international speaker. Thank you for considering The Stress Reset for your company’s needs! I’m confident that its proven ability to reduce stress will be a valuable asset to your workplace. Click the button below to schedule a free 20-minute discovery call with me.