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Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

Is there an area of your life where you’re feeling stuck, dissatisfied, or just not living as fully as you could be? Join our community of thousands who’ve experienced life-changing results with The Feel Good Breakthrough Challenge.

For 7 days, we’ll share a step-by-step Methodology that will uplevel one area of your life, whether that’s your Relationships, Career & Finances, Health, or Spirituality.

We’ll show you an actionable way to break through the habitual thoughts and behaviors that hold you back and how to step into a whole new level of aliveness and well-being.

This challenge is your ticket to a renewed sense of joy, wonder, and possibility. We guarantee it and thousands agree.

Every Day, You’ll Experience…


In the morning, tune in for powerful teachings, meditations, and in-the-moment coaching by Isabelle that will leave you feeling inspired and eager to make the changes you desire.


In the afternoon, sit back and receive invaluable tips and insights in the life areas of Relationships, Career & Finances, Health, and Spirituality from our expert guest speakers.

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Welcome to your home base for the Challenge. Here, you’ll connect to your fellow participants and share stories, successes, and support. You’ll also receive expert guidance from Isabelle and her team as well as access to all of the recordings.

7 Daily Workbooks

Dive into the content more deeply with our 7 printable workbooks. Each one contains key takeaways to help you remember the most important concepts as well as Daily Challenges to integrate the Methodology into your life.

Global Community

Say “yes” to a support system of open-hearted individuals all over the world. Here, you’ll to tap into the power of community and shared intention. Together, we create exponential momentum for ourselves and others.

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Deborah Sings
March 12 at 4:14PM

I’ve done a lot of personal work but I’ve never done anything so profound in such a short period of time!

Lisa Keller
March 6 at 3:02PM

I am crying, but tears of joy and gratitude for the gift of this challenge.

Ericka Tapper
February 23 at 6:22PM

Since I took this challenge, my friends and family have all asked me what the “big change” has been!

Esmeralda Camarena
March 4 at 12:22PM

I learned so much in these 7 days. I have the tools to be exactly where I want to be. My life will never be the same again!

Diane Kipper
March 9 at 10:32AM

Every day I thought it couldn’t be better than the day before and every day I was wrong! Every day this experience got better and better and every day I felt myself growing.

Bianca Maria Nast
February 18 at 4:01PM

This challenge is so powerful! I’m releasing everything that’s no longer serving me… just letting it go.

Christiane Wolters
March 2 at 4:37PM

I am completely blown away!

Deborah White
March 1 at 3:08PM

I was finally able to make changes in myself… something I thought I’d never be able to do. This challenge has helped me like few things ever have in my life.

Millie Snook
February 24 at 8:18PM

This challenge truly “moved the needle” for me as I opened my mind and heart  to everything I was learning 💚 

Adriana Carolina
February 22 at 3:37PM

I have witnessed many lives change in a short period of time (including mine) 🙏🏻

Lisa Stowell
March 1 at 11:07AM

This challenge showed me how to change things I’ve been trying to change for a longgggg time.

Joanne Bernardi
February 27 at 6:42PM

I want everyone to know that this challenge will absolutely change your life!

Your Expert Guest Speakers

Jules Schroeder

CEO, Forbes Columnist, Podcast Host & Musician

Rhonda Swan

CEO, Bestselling Author, International Speaker & Business Strategist

Mark Silverman

Bestselling Author, Podcast Host & Executive Coach

Emme Aronson

Supermodel & Chair Ambassador of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

Krisstina Wise

CEO, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host & Millionaire Coach

Diane Halfman

International Speaker, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur Coach

Jane Deuber

CEO, 7-Time Successful Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

Beatriz Olson, M.D.

Board-Certified Physician, Expert Educator & Clinical Scientist

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Isabelle Tierney

Nothing brings me greater joy than watching people come alive as they transform in the life areas that mean the most to them.

It hurts me to my core that so many of us spend our lives stuck in habitual patterns, not knowing how to break free.

I’ll never forget the heartbreaking day I signed my divorce papers. On the outside, it seemed I had it all—a thriving therapy practice, three beautiful children, and a full social calendar.

In reality, my life was far from perfect. I overworked during the day, overate at night, and constantly argued with my husband. I felt deeply disappointed in myself and yearned for something different, though I had no idea how to get it.

It all shifted for me when…

I decided to devote my energy to looking for answers. I read countless books on scientific and spiritual principles in an effort to free myself of the painful patterns that were running my life. I knew my health, happiness, and relationships depended on it. Eventually, I created what became The Feel Good Life Methodology, a way to rewire your habits and access aliveness and well-being.

Integrating this work into my life created a radical shift. I healed the root cause of my overeating, restored balance to my work and home life, and best of all, got back together with my ex-husband. Because of its success in my own life, I started teaching the Methodology to others and was overjoyed to see that it offered them the same positive, powerful impact.

Today, the work has been taught all over the world, in hospitals, schools, corporations, and wellness centers. For the past 3 years, we’ve offered a Certification Program training people to facilitate the work and share it with diverse communities. I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

I believe the world will change when we learn to release our negative habitual patterns and step into a space of extraordinary well-being.

Why is it So Hard to Change?

When we want to change a behavior that has become habitual, a primitive survival mechanism is immediately triggered. This mechanism evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to keep us safe in an unpredictable and perilous environment. To increase our chances of survival, we had to follow tried-and-true patterns of behavior. Taking risks could endanger the health and safety of the entire tribe.

Today, without the threat from predators or invading tribes, this survival mechanism is often outdated. Our environment may have changed greatly, but our brains still operate with the same old codes.

The fact is, we’re biologically programmed to stay locked into the safe and familiar.

Yet, many of us are unaware that this is the way we’re wired. So when we try to change our habits and fail, we fall into the trap of blaming ourselves, even though it’s not our fault.

This challenge is a firing call to outsmart your brain’s survival mechanism with a Methodology that gives you the power to break through habits that don’t serve you and choose ones that do.

Sophia Tollefson
March 2 at 4:14PM

I’ve witnessed a collective shift here that’s astounding ✨

Gretchen Pangirer
February 22 at 5:35PM

I wish I would have done this years ago!

Hilary Peddiford
March 6 at 2:02PM

Before this challenge, I felt so inadequate and I couldn’t stop judging myself. Now I’m realizing, ‘wow, who I am is actually really beautiful.’ I’m feeling into the dark spaces and loving them, loving myself. I’m so grateful.

Sara Martinez
February 18 at 12:20PM

Beautiful, fulfilling, healing, phenomenal.

Monika Mitchell
February 23 at 9:01AM

THIS is what I needed to move forward.

Lisa McKay
February 20 at 4:47PM

There aren’t enough words to fully communicate what this experience has meant to me 🙏

Lisa Keller
February 24 at 5:23PM

This was more monumental than I could’ve thought was possible.

Carolyn Fabian
February 28 at 3:32PM

This challenge has given me more peace, more energy, and more hope.

Inga Roth-Kennedy
February 16 at 4:14PM

These are tears of happiness to myself for what I’ve been able to do for me during this challenge.

Dani Fisher
March 3 at 2:14PM

I came into this challenge wanting to bring more joy into my life and I’ve been bubbling with joy ever since 💕

Marsha Bensoussan
March 3 at 1:19PM

This challenge has been so helpful since day one.

Susan Smedley
February 20 at 2:22PM

These are life-changing tools!

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