The Breakthrough Challenge

Power Pack

Break Through Your Comfort Zone
& Uplevel One Key Area of Your Life

Hosted By

Isabelle Tierney & 10 Breakthrough Speakers

Isabelle and the Challenge speakers will take you on a life-changing journey to help you achieve a momentous breakthrough in one area of your life—choose from health & self-care, relationships, money, or spirituality.

Lisa Eddy

Nicole Tormey

Stacy Petrossian

Deidra Towns

Brandilyn Tebo

Jolie Dawn

Eric Luczak

Joanne Adducci

Jennifer Jarrett

Philip Nicholas

Philip Nicholas

Brandilyn Tebo

Joanne Adducci

Jennifer Quinn

Philip Nicholas

What’s Inside

This Power Pack Includes…

10 Video Calls with
Isabelle Tierney

Each morning, Isabelle will give you the exact tools you need to make breakthroughs in one life area of your choice. She’ll also guide you on a meditation to clarify and anchor your vision. You’ll leave each 1-hour call with concrete action items you can use to activate your desired changes.

10 Video Calls with
Expert Speakers

Each afternoon, dive into a deeper understanding of what you learned during 45-minute calls with experts in The Feel Good Life Methodology. You’ll learn their tips and techniques to help you take action on what you learn and create the biggest breakthroughs you possibly can.


Engage deeply with the content with 10 printable workbooks. Each workbook contains notes to help you remember the most important concepts and daily challenges to get you in action with your life.


Plug into a support network of open-hearted individuals from over 20 different countries around the world. Our extraordinary community will support you through your transformation.

Facebook Group

Welcome to your home base for the entire challenge. Here, you can get real-time updates, access the call recordings, and connect to your fellow participants. The act of showing up and sharing creates exponential momentum for yourself and others.

I’m ready for a breakthrough in an area of my life that really matters to me.

Success Stories


“So profound, so fast.”

“I’ve done a lot of personal work but I’ve never done something so profound in such a short period of time.”



“I made so many realizations and changes. My friends and family have all asked me what the “big change” in my life has been.”


“It just kept getting better!”

“Every day I thought it couldn’t be better than the day before and every day I was wrong. Every day this experience got better and better for me and every day I felt myself growing.”


“Massively powerful.”

“This Challenge was formatted so well to provide the interaction and support and learning. I found value in every session! The value I got on the very first day inspired me to be committed to the process.”



“During the Challenge, I began to see how to change things in my life that I have been trying to change for a long time. It blew my mind. This has just been so incredible. I’m fired up to continue practicing this work.”


“I recommend it strongly.”

“This work helps you identify the roots of whatever you’re struggling with and then uproot them once and for all.”

I’m ready for a breakthrough in an area of my life that really matters to me.

Hi, I’m Isabelle

Nothing brings me greater joy than watching you come alive as you transform in the life areas that mean the most to you.

It hurts me to my core that so many of us spend our lives in a comfort zone, stuck in habitual patterns, not knowing how to break free.

I’ll never forget the heartbreaking day I signed my divorce papers. I was blindsided because it seemed I had it all—a thriving therapy practice, three beautiful children, and a full social calendar.

What I failed to understand was that I had let my life run on autopilot, repeating the same patterns again and again. I overworked during the day, overate at night, and constantly felt exhausted and hopeless. That empty, stressed-out state became my comfort zone. I yearned for something different, but I didn’t know how to get there.

It all shifted for me when…

I went on a mission to discover if there was another way to live. I read countless books on scientific principles and spiritual wisdom and devoted myself to rewiring my stress-based patterns. I knew my health, happiness, and relationships depended on it. Eventually, I created what became The Feel Good Life Methodology, a blueprint for breaking through the limits of my comfort zone and accessing deep well-being.

Integrating this work into my life caused a radical shift. I got back together with my former husband, healed the root cause of my overeating, and restored balance to my work and home life. Because of its success in my own life, I started teaching the Methodology to others and was overjoyed to see that it had the same powerful, positive impact.

Today, the work has been taught all over the world, in hospitals, schools, corporations, and wellness centers. For the past 3 years, we’ve offered a Certification Program training people to facilitate the work and share it with diverse communities. I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

I believe the world will change when we dare to break through the limits of our comfort zones and step into a space of extraordinary well-being.

I’m ready for a breakthrough in an area of my life that really matters to me.

There’s a Reason

Why it’s so hard to change…

When we want to change a behavior that has become habitual, a primitive survival mechanism is immediately triggered. This mechanism evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to keep us safe in an unpredictable and perilous environment. To increase our chances of survival, we had to follow tried-and-true patterns of behavior. Taking risks could endanger the health and safety of the entire tribe.

Today, without the threat from predators or invading tribes, this survival mechanism is often outdated. Our environment may have changed greatly, but our brains still operate with the same old codes. 

The fact is, we’re biologically programmed to stay locked into the safe and familiar.

Yet, many of us are unaware that this is the way we’re wired.

So when we try to change our habits and fail, we fall into the trap of blaming ourselves, even though it’s not our fault.

This challenge is a firing call to outsmart your brain’s survival mechanism with a Methodology that gives you the power to break through habits that don’t serve you and choose ones that do.

By saying “yes” to this Challenge you are:

1.Daring to aim high and be uncompromising in what you want for yourself
2.Disrupting your habitual patterns and launching yourself towards a state of aliveness and high vibration
3.Gaining awareness of the crucial seconds between thought and action and regaining the power of choice
4.Bravely letting go of resignation and frustration around the one life area you most want to change
5.Upleveling into the person you want to be for yourself, your family, and your community

How it Works


When you register, you’ll gain instant access to all of the challenge content and to our extraordinary support community on Facebook. 


You’ll choose one area of your to life to dedicate yourself to throughout the entire challenge. You may choose an area you’re struggling with or one you’re already managing considerably well but aren’t thriving in.


Commit to yourself by playing full-out. Break out of your comfort zone and create radical change in an area of your life that really matters to you.


“I feel so much lighter.”

“It fascinates me how powerful this work is. I felt like I was releasing everything that was no longer serving me… just letting it go.”


“I wish I did this years ago.”

“To be able to use the tools I learned with my children, with my ex-husband, is just such a blessing.”



“I’m so grateful I was able to participate in this Challenge. It was beautiful, fulfilling, healing, phenomenal.”


“I haven’t felt this good in years.”

“Because of this Challenge, I was finally able to make changes in myself… something I hadn’t thought I’d ever be able to do. There is a lightness in my voice and I’m even laughing. It’s been years since I’ve laughed. This has helped me like few things ever have in my life.”

Make it Yours

The Breakthrough Challenge Power Pack

+10 Daily Trainings with with Isabelle Tierney to Cause Powerful Breakthroughs
+10 Daily Trainings with Challenge Speakers to Dive Deep Into the Tools
+Access to a Loving, Supportive, & Authentic Facebook Community
+Daily Meditations to Shift Your Mind, Body, & Spirit
+Daily Workbooks with Daily Challenges to Get You in Action!
+BONUS Full Body Stretching Session
+BONUS Quantum Meditation Session

Change the Course
of Your Life

I’m so glad you’re considering joining us in this powerful challenge. The content you’ll find inside is truly life-changing. Are you ready to embrace the new changes for your life that lie on the other side of your comfort zone?