Confession: I used to be the queen of reactive choices.

It’s true…  Though you wouldn’t have known it just by looking at me.  On the outside, I seemed to have it all together.  I owned a successful therapy practice, was a wife and mother to three beautiful children, was in great physical shape, and was well-liked by many.

But behind the scenes, I was constantly stressed out.   My husband and I fought all the time, and I struggled with a destructive eating disorder.  Night after night, I’d binge on whatever I could get my hands on, only to feel guilty and ashamed for hours afterward.  I’d swear to myself I’d be better the next day, but I’d inevitably binge again and again.  It was exhausting, isolating, and depressing.

I searched high and low for help, but I couldn't find it.

I literally tried everything.  I saw a therapist once a week and read every self-help book on the market.  I’d make a plan of action, commit to it, and be “good” for a while…  But eventually, I’d fall back into my old ways.

One day I had an “aha” moment. I realized that time after time, my failures could be traced back to a single moment—the moment where I could choose to give into the old way or to create a new way.

I was ecstatic!  If I could just find something to help me in that moment, I would be free.  I searched high and low for books, podcasts, courses, you name it… but I couldn’t find any. The help I needed didn’t exist.

That's when I decided to create it myself.

I dedicated years of my life to developing a Methodology that utilized the power of science and spirituality to help people make wiser choices in-the-moment.

At first, I practiced The Methodology in my own life.  I made small changes that eventually amounted to huge shifts.  I stopped being reactive in my relationships, laid my eating disorder to rest, and rediscovered my love for life.  I started using The Methodology in my private practice and saw that it helped my clients make groundbreaking changes, too.

I’ve spent the last 10 years building my company, The Feel Good Life, which infuses The Methodology into all of its products and services. Today, The Feel Good Life has helped hundreds of people make conscious, love-based choices that enable a life of less stress and more joy.

I'm so excited to share what I've created with you!

I’m deeply passionate about helping people with their choices. Whether it’s the choice to be kind to someone who’s been unkind, to say no to an impulse purchase, or to take care of your health in spite of your busy life, every choice matters.  Every choice is an opportunity to change your life.

Today, I travel all over the world sharing The Methodology.  I literally live my dream life both personally and professionally and wake up every morning filled with gratitude.  I can’t wait to see how this work changes your life!